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Placa para OLT GPON 16 Portas SFP Class C+ 32dbm Huawei

REF: 384


16-Port GPON OLT Interface Board

GPFD Overview

16-GPON Port Interface Card with C+ SFP module

GPFD is Hza-network regular stock item

Available in 3 versions:H802GPFD, H803GPFD, H805GPFD

Support split ration 1:128

WDM, use single mode single core fiber

Transmit Speed: 2.488Gbit/s, Receive Speed: 1.244Gbit/s

Interface Type: SC/PC

Max Transmit Distance: 20KM

Transmit Wavelength: 1490nm, Receive Wavelength: 1310nm

Standards Compliance: ITU-T G.984.1, ITU-T G.984.2, ITU-T G.984.3,

ITU-T G.984.4

GPFD is a GPON interface card of Huawei OLT, 16-port GPON OLT

Interface Board GPFD works together with the optical network terminal

(ONT) to provide GPON access services, each GPFD can maximum

connect 16*128 GPON subscribers. GPFD has different BOM like

H80D00GPFD01, H80D00GPFD02 etc, but basically they are H802GPFD,

H803GPFD, H805GPFD with B+ or C+ SFP module.

GPFD Specification and Datasheet

Service ports

GPON Port : 16-GPON Port

Dimensions (W x D x H) 22.86 mm x 237.00 mm x 395.40 mm

Power Consumption and Maximum Frame Size

H802GPFD : Static: 45 W, Maximum: 73 W

H803GPFD : Static: 39 W, Maximum: 61 W

H805GPFD : The data is still under testing

Maximum Frame Size: 2004 bytes

Operating temperature -25°C to +65°C

GPON SFP Module Specification


C+ Module : One-fiber bi-directional optical module, class C+

Operating Wavelength Tx: 1490 nm, Rx: 1310 nm

Encapsulation Type SFP

Port Rate Tx: 2.49 Gbit/s, Rx: 1.24 Gbit/s

Minimum Output Optical Power

C+ Module : 3.00 dBm

Maximum Output Optical Power

C+ Module : 7.00 dBm

Maximum Receiver Sensitivity

C+ Module : -32.00 dBm

Optical Connector Type SC/PC

Optical Fiber Type Single-mode

Reach 20.00 km

Overload Optical Power B+ Module : -8.0 dBm

C+ Module : -12.0 dBm

Extinction Ratio 8.2 dB


Q: What is the difference between GPFD and GPBD board?

A: The main difference is capacity, GPFD is 16-GPON Port board, GPBD is

8-GPON Port board.

Q: What is the difference between different GPON board?



H802GPBD GPON Type: 1G-GPON Port Quantity: 8 Optical Module SFP

(Class B+ and Class C+) Maximum Split Ratio 1:128 ONU based shaping


H805GPBD/H806GPBD GPON Type 1G-GPON Port Quantity: 8 Optical

Module SFP (Class B+ and Class C+) Maximum Split Ratio 1:128 ONU

based shaping Yes

H802GPFD/H803GPFD/H805GPFD GPON Type 1G-GPON: 16 Optical

Module SFP (Class B+ and Class C+) Maximum Split Ratio 1:128 ONU

based shaping Yes


1G-GPON, 8 PORT, SFP (Class B+ and Class C+) 1:128


10G-GPON, 4PORT, XFP 1:128

Q: What is the difference between H80D00GPFD01, H80D00GPFD02?

A: We don’t suggest you order according to this BOM, this BOM is mostly

used for manufacturer producing purpose, Basically choosing GPFD card,

we just need to know: 1, H802GPFD, H803GPFD or H805GPFD? 2, with

B+ SFP Module or C+ SFP Module?

Q: Does GPFD has any version requirement of OLT software?


Yes, only V800R008C01, V800R009C00 or above version support GPFD,

also please make sure your OLT software included the package of your

GPFD board version.

Q: Can I use 1:128 split ratio with B+ SFP Module?

A: Yes, but not suggested, most of Hza-network customers even use C+

module, are max using 1:64 split ratio.

Q: Can I get technical support from Hza-network if we purchase GPFD from



We will able to provide technical support service for customers whose OLT

and GPON card are both from us, kindly note we will charge for the

technical support service. Hza-network suggests customers purchase the

OLT and GPFD card from the same professional supplier so as to avoid

compatible and technical issues.

Q: Does the GPON SFP Module included in GPFD?

A: Yes, with GPFD board, 16 B+ SFP Module are included for free.

Q: Can I do twice splitting with GPFD?

A: Yes, you can, just make sure the optical power is within the receive side


Q: Can I purchase GPFD with C+ module?

A: Yes.

Q: Can I use a 3rd party ONT with GPFD?

A: We don’t suggest so, as the understanding of TR069/OMCI protocol

may different between different vendors.

Q: What is the power consumption of GPFD board?

A: Between 45~73W

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